[BANGTAN BOMB] 슙디의 꿀 FM 06.13 #0613FM_0613 with BTS Highlight Clip – BTS (방탄소년단)

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  1. 11:02 Scooby-doo , it's you?

  2. 7:27 I want someone to look at me the way JK look at the cake

  3. Jiminie sneeze so cute😄

  4. Handsome Jin is always the joker . He has all the funny ideas in his talented brain.

  5. 아니 김석진씨 목이 어디까지 늘어난건데요ㅋㅋㄹㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋ 미쳐 증말 왜그래요 옷 많잖아요..;;;ㅋㅌㄹㅋㄹㅋ

  6. I wish them nothing but tons of happiness and abundance of love.

  7. they tease jimin with nicknames,someone say 'dogboy' and he was c'mon guys were on air😂

  8. Мне нравится когда ребята все вместе что – то обсуждают, решают какие – то вопросы, приходят к общему мнению, читают сценарий по ролям, у них здорово получается очень интересно и весело👍👍😂😀🤣😊🤩

  9. 레전드 양철 나무꾼

  10. настоящие олдскульные прозвища выглядят так: "жена бан ши хека"
    (c) Ким Сокджин

  11. Busque este vídeo como:
    'Jungkook ladrando'

  12. 11:43 اعرف بتبحثون عن ذي القطه 🌚

  13. Can take a minute and appreciate how adorable Joonie is?!!! He looked so cute laughing… Awww my heart 😭😭😭💜💜💜

  14. Wow this looks like a strict teacher reading class where the backbenchers are scolded but they're still being chaotic trying not to get caught 😂😂😂😂😂

    PS : Can we talk about V sitting there in his casuals looking like a snacc🤤

  15. I realized BTS is not just born to be singers but to be born comedians too 😂🤣🤣

  16. GW salfok dengan Jungkook yang sibuk makan


  18. Los extraño tanto, sinceramente conocerlos fue lo mejor que me pudo pasar en la vida los amooo

  19. 10:53, 11:41 are my favorite moments

  20. While suga is talking jungkook is eating😅😅😅. Food is life for our maknae jungkook

  21. 9:08 아니 ㅠㅠㅌㄹㄹㅋㅌㄹㄹㅌㅌㄹㄹㅌㄹㅌㄹㅌㅋ뭔데 읏기냐

  22. Jungkook eating cake while everyone is talking is so me 😭😭😭💜💜

  23. Jungkook has been eating cake slowly while no one is knowing 😂

  24. Wow these boys never let the army down, i like everything about them, especially jk eating the icing of the cake and barking like a dog 😂🤣, jin in his character and making everyone laugh oh so funny and cute .🤣😂💙💜️

  25. 정국이 버킷햇 어디껀지 아는사람 ㅜㅜ

  26. And jinbe looking like he having fun

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