Atari VCS Teardown and Performance Upgrades, Bios, TDP, Ram Upgrade, M.2 SSD

In this video, we upgrade the Atari VCS by adding Faster ram, an M.2 SSD, and turning up the TDP on the CPU. We finally have the Bios Password for the Atri VCS so we can tune a few settings like upping the Ram speed and the TDP on the Ryzen embedded APU! Powered by an AMD Ryzen 1606G APU with built-in Radeon Vega 3 graphics we are gonna try to get a little more performance out of this Mini PC.
Atari VCS Specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen embedded 1606G 2 Cores 4 Threads
Base clock of 2.6GHz Boost Up to 3,5GHz
RAM: 4-8GB of DDR4 @2400MHz
Storage: 32GB eMMC + M.2 SSD upto 1TB

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  1. After upgrading the RAM and SSD then following these steps the system powered down and has yet to power back up. Still has the power light as well as the fan going but no image on the screen. How long did it take for yours to boot back up, was it immediate?
    This also only occurred after changing the memory clock speed. Any ideas or help you can offer?

  2. Is their a way to Partition the SSD in the M2 where one is for Windows 10 and the other partition for the VCS OS to store games?

  3. If it overheats, get yourself some Artic-MX4 or liquid metal

  4. M.2 SATA don't really need heatsink. like not need atoll.

  5. So this is the Next generation Atari console?

  6. Make a new top cover and integrate a screen )

  7. When using a heatsink on an SSD you should remove any thermal interface between the heatsink and the memory. You only want the heatsink to cool the microcontroller. Cooling the memory chips is actually bad for its lifespan/performance.

  8. How does the price of the VCS compare to a system of similar specs/features?

  9. i'm still stuck with old ati cards, i don't mess with hdmi and led panels for old games

  10. I didn’t know it could run Windows! What a cool little system.

  11. so its actually a mini ryzen pc? its not even a console & not even a pc.. oh man, atari really differentiate them self with this. im sorry but its like a pointless device.

  12. True story: I didn't even know you could get SO-DIMM RAM sticks that could break higher than 2766 Mhz.

  13. After i installed 2x16GB 3200 DDR4 and a 1TB SATA m.2 and did your tweaks, it does not startup anymore, black screen and high vent boost, any hints

  14. I like how the pcb got some space invader printed over it


  16. Followed the steps in your video now the system doesn't start just makes noise

  17. ETA you mention 2 other videos with links in the description, I don't see them. Small oversight?

  18. In few years used units in bad shape will start popping up and it looks like they'll be interesting to put inside those old clunky beige laptops from 90ties 👍

  19. Great video! Think the Overclocking will be safe to do without adding the heat sink?

  20. Really nice! But is it possible to show how you put the paste on the CPU? I guess most of us haven’t done that before. Would love to how that goes.

  21. $200 + $50 in ram and SSD…. you can do a lot better than this in SFF pc at that point.

  22. This really exist?

  23. funny I was thinking the Atari was going to be using a 4-Core APU….wow just dual core!?

  24. That didn't take long from some to get this modded.

  25. Will it run Flightsim 2020? Ha! Ha! Ha! Can you increase the VRAM of any other Ryzen APUs? Great video!

  26. You should try making that a hackintosh

  27. ETA PRIME What Ram did you use? I see it was Crucial but was it dual rank or single rank?

  28. Still waiting for an answer as to whether a Raspberry Pi 4 can recognize and use the paddle feature on the new Atari joystick. Anyone with the VCS able to answer this question?

  29. Can this run Big box smoothly?

  30. I had to do the same thing when installing my 3200mhz ram sticks on a pc

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