Ask Shallon: When You Start To Fall For Your Friend with Benefits!

Having a Booty Call/FWB situation can be a valuable learning experience for us, however, this is not the time to start developing feelings for this person. FWB situations rarely turn into Happily Ever After.

If you start to develop feelings for your Friends with Benefits, remember that it is only natural. Women communicate to build relationships. Men communicate to solve problems.

The game is being played, so let me give you the tools to play the game and WIN.

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  1. Great video straight to the point!

  2. i’m a guy and you are telling my perspective, what the fuck

  3. Take it from me this is wrong. We do play mind games and we are sweetness are genuine to our f-buddy sometimes

  4. Oooo I like ur hair & necklace xox❤️💖💖🌹🌹🎀💜

  5. This is sexist I'm a guy and I've fallen for my friend with benefits but she doesn't want a relationship with me

  6. this is good advice that i know i'm too stubborn to follow. i wanna have self-respect but truthfully i don't.

  7. This helped me so muchhhhh thanks


  9. I knew this already but I’ve been putting it off for selfish reasons and I really needed to hear this exactly the way you said it. Thank you.

  10. Well you just opened my eyes. I’ve had a friends with benefits for a year now. I’m literally in love with him. Clearly he doesn’t want me back

  11. Very true! Thank you for all of your videos!

  12. FACTS. Well said.😏❤

  13. i have a so called fwb that im catching feelings for.. The sex is so good its difficult for me to shake it off. Tried it a few times i just cant. I find myself going back to him..I feel stupid for staying in it.

  14. As a man I never understood why it takes so long for women to realize that their friend with benefits is not a boyfriend material (at least not for them in particular). If he likes you he will try to connect and spent as much time as possible with you (not only in case of having sex). Relationship is a hard work, where you have to do many things for the other person you like. However if he likes you, he won't think twice about it. In case of fwb he really doesn't see you as a gf. He is getting the best out of that "relationship" which is sex with out hard work. That is ultimate goal for most men who wants sex but have no feelings for you.

  15. Actually, my friend with benefits.. He already has a gf but his gf out doing practical of industrial training for 6 months, yeah which means im his scandal.. I dont get it why he did that actually..

  16. this isn't true, im in a fwb situation and I am truly falling for her and I have tried to make her a bit jealous to see if she cares sooooooo this is complete bullshit

  17. Thank you so much!! I wish i had seen this earlier.

  18. This is pretty spot on. But hey, live and learn. And most importantly hold no regrets — they serve no purpose in your life.

  19. Legit some goodass advice. I knew it deep down but i really needed to hear this right now. Thank you

  20. you're awesome! enjoyed listening to you very much.

  21. so uh with friends with benefita ia cuddling and kissing normal?

  22. I'm in a situation where I'm pregnant by my fwb. He had said the right thing to do was for us to be together. He had expressed before how he liked me, not just to me but to his family. When I didn't know what to reply to his lets be together comment he seemed to have shut down. He began to cry and said I'm such a nice guy, nice guys never win. Now, that I last saw him he is cold with me and he made clear if I keep the baby we won't be together. He is just different. He usually is warm and affectionate. Even after he found out about the pregnancy. I wrote to him clarifying how I felt about him, that I would like the relationship, but he didn't reply to me. What do I do now?

  23. My friend married her friends with benefits. Mine isn't an ass actually. We're firstly best friends. And the benefits are awesome but like I see we're both falling for eachother. So I'm gunna ride this one out I think.

  24. how can we email you for a personal question

  25. I have been watching your videos for over a year and it's amazing when I can go back through them and watch them when they apply to my situations

  26. This helped me a lot! Thank you so much

  27. I so wished I had seen your videos before, wouldve saved a ton of hurting. I got that 10% of the stories in which my friend with benefits ended up being my boyfriend and now we have a daughter and we're still together. True thing about how long it takes for guys to "change the situation" from friends with benefits to a relationship. It didnt even take him a month I believe.

  28. So, we have fought every single night for the past eight weeks. No joke. It's absolutely terrible, but he is very bi-polar. Extremely bi-polar and its so hard to deal with. We just got done fighting, and I want to break it off. But how? It's hard because I don't want him to get all depressed and closed off. He's best friends with my cousin who lives right beside me, and I see him all the time. Not even sure what to do.

  29. Shallon, i need advice on choosing the right boy?

  30. Your videos are amazing!
    Also, would you ever too a # dearme video? I'm really curious to as what you would say. You seem so amazing now. 

  31. I need help. I'm dating this guy, and I used to be very, well. "Flirty" and I would send flirty pictures or text messages and I don't do that much anymore. For some reason I'm not as attracted as I was at the beginning of the relationship. And it's because he is always way too flirty. It's like everytime we talk on the phone or facetime he shows stuff. And it gets really annoying. I don't know how to tell him. I won't even have those kind of talks with him anymore because he gets super offended. He now thinks I'm cheating. today is our 6 month anniversary and I totally and completely forgot. I need your help. I feel like I'm ruining everything.

  32. Hi there's this boy at the gym that I really like and I know he's around the same age as me because I have seen him in school uniform ( btw I go to an all girls school ) . He has smiled before and he sometimes looks over when he's doing weights . I want to see if he likes me but I can be quite shy plz help 🙏. And you videos are A-MA-ZING x

  33. You are sooo right in so many ways especially about guys not trying to make us jealous etc. Learnt that the hard way =)

  34. Shallon where have you been all my life?! If your videos were around when I was younger you could have saved me from a world of hurt! You should be required watching for every dating female!

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