Ask Shallon: How To Get Over A Jerk & Get Closure

Can’t get over a break up? How to heal a broken heart and move on from a bad breakup and awful boyfriend who hurt you!

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  1. Woww even before watching the video, this is exactly what I did. I wrote a long note talking to him all the things I loved but also the things that fucked me over and lastly I wished him the best for his rest of life. God that's so liberating I tell you

  2. Where did you get that necklace? My ex narcissist supposedly found it in the trash and gave me one just like it

  3. This needs to have more views

  4. Well that advice was ridiculous.🤪

  5. Thank you i will try your advice

  6. Thank you for this! Need closure with myself not him.

  7. This is so true. Whenever a guy and I break up or whatever, I cut them out completely. Like once we're over, we're over and that's that. I just go on with my life and pretend that they're dead as heartless as that may sound.

  8. +Shallon Lester I remember during my freshmen year in high school I sat next to a boy who was basically my first crush and we were flirty and he liked me he even told me I looked cute Infront of his friends and the whole class. And then when the teacher moved seats he started talking to this other girl who's way prettier than I am and he treated her the same way. Seeing them be flirty everyday in class hurt me like a stab in the heart

  9. This has been the most cathartic advice I have received about moving on from a bad relationship. I am making a gift to myself and writing a letter to my exorcise my demons. Thanks

  10. Thank you so much for this video Shallon!!

  11. if my ex doesn't even talk to me anymore,should I just let it go

  12. You helped me so much <3

  13. This was by far the best video I've seen on this. Hearing it from a woman is better than a chauvinist pig. This really put the nail on the coffin. Love the realness. I definitely watch again.

  14. hey shallon,so me and this guy met at the begining of the year back in april we would talk alot and he seemed into me,then we stopped texting but he kept asking my friends about me,then time passed and i still liked him alot a few times we spoke but nothing more,my feeling were kind of hurt,then last week we ran into eachother at a party and he wouldnt leave my side so i took that as a good sign,he texted me the next day things were going fine but then he left on seen and we havent talked of coure,im not gonna text him at all,but im very confused about what his feelings or intentions are towards me,at the party he told me some of the issues in his life and private things that he said,he would only tell me and now he seems not give a sh*t so…what do you think shallon??

  15. I'm having problems with this guy like, but he just wants for fun…so I'm here to watching ur videos haha

  16. One guy hurt me really but he did talk to me and gave me closure

  17. Hi Shallon! So my younger sister started hanging out with a boy for a few months. He knew she had major feelings for him but he never wanted to get serious just kissing n never putting a name on the relationship. He hangs with other girls. So, when a guy asked her to dance she said yes. Out of respect she confronted him and told him she danced with a boy and before she started hanging out with him she wanted to ses where they stood in their relationship. He flipped and told hee the gifts she gave to him he would give to the boy she danced with once doesn't even know then blocked her number. He says he's not mad but blocked her. He won't even talk to her and she talked to him out of respect. My sister can't get over him but I keep telling her she'll find better and that he's a jerk. Got anymore advice that I could give her?

  18. Personally I couldn’t just give up on my ex. Yes, there are some very good points in this video, and we should always put them into practice to love ourselves first. And so I got the push I needed from Tritan Mellory’s site (google it) and managed to make my relationship work.

  19. You are my hero.

  20. When you start to notice that it’s impossible to fail, that’s when you’ll forget her OT get her back no matter what. James also followed Treitan Mellory’s (google him?) advice and has his ex back too!

  21. Hi girl. thank u soooooo much for that. Finally I am able to get up from my bed 🙂

  22. Shallon, do you have any advice for getting over an ex boyfriend who was emotionally abusive? Thanks your amazing!

  23. I can't guess why I get dumped 🙁 only he knows the answers ! and I'd pay a million just to know precisely so I could fix myself.. if that was possible.. but instead I'm silent. not even asking him why he dumped me. cause I'm too afraid he won't give honest answers. he said I'm a really great girl but that we don't fit and I will find some other one good instead and he just wants to be friends 🙁 just 4 days after what I thought was a lovely date where he said things felt really good as special with me + kissed me a lot. then what the fuck? how could he throw me away?? :'(

  24. why can't I send the letter? 🙁 I must get answers ! otherwise this dumping seems to happen again and again for no real reson. .

  25. I love going back to this video. It's true, they won't give you closure. They don't really care about what you feel. Unfortunately, I couldn't cut the connection with the guy for work reasons. He is pretty rude. But I decided to ignore the rudeness and just focus on work that needs to be done. It's so difficult now, but I know it would get better in time. I focus also on being grateful, for not ending up with a guy who is such a jerk. It's a blessing disguised as a heartache. Thanks Shallon!

  26. Good good good lady !!! thank u

  27. I love this Shallon! I always come back and watch your videos when I want a relationship with a guy. Your advice is timeless. I even do this for my big crushes. Time to let it go. Little deaths. You are right about that.

  28. You had given advice back in October to cut a guy (a guy who was not my bf but playing my heart basically). So I did, and this guy called me after a week asking what happened. I still never got my answers out of him and I completely cut him off a week back. I sent an email saying 'at this point in my life I don't think I can be friends or whatever it is I was to you'. I was feeling so sad writing it but I had enough after a year of him playing my emotions. Never in my life did I have to do such a thing. Guess I was way too into him and he took advantage. He tried contacting me with another number, but I couldn't go through of being hurt again and again. I will be going abroad to aid for medical services so just hoping he gets out of my head. I could be friends with him, but not now. He has been a complete jerk. Just needed to hear this video and say thank you to you.

  29. so I have a horrible case. me and my bestfriend (guy) always liked each other but I was still stuck on my ex when he asked me out so I rejected him. so by the time I realized how much I liked him he got a gf and there was a bunch of drama and bull shit. so he told me not to talk to him anymore because of my "friends" it doesn't make sense and I'm really in a rut cause he is being a complete jerk and honestly I don't know what to do

  30. Not a teenager and not in high school, but this video really helped me right now. I do wish it was better quality. But thank you for the kind words. It was exactly what I needed

  31. I really loved the idea on this but what if I can't really cut the contact? We both work in the same office (there's only 4 of us in there) and leave next door to each other, we spend most of the time together, what should I do? Help please.

  32. Hi shallon,
    So I broke up with my bf a year ago. Fast forward and we make up, and remain good friends for a long time. A few months later, he gets into a relationship with a truly terrible girl. And I'm not just saying that cuz I'm the ex. She is overprotective and irrationally jealous. He ended up halting our friendship because of her. Needless to say, I'm pretty annoyed. Can you make a vid on how to deal with your exs new gf?

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