49 thoughts on “An investigative interview: Singapore 50 years after independence – 45th St. Gallen Symposium

  1. Most Humans beings are assholes, they need rules and systems. Just like how religion has introduced morals like law in our existence. We are not ready for freedom.

  2. Most Singaporeans are ready to have Tharman as our next Prime Minister. Unfortunately, he'd rather someone else take on the role.

  3. Sackur never tried LKY. LKY would tell him to keep quiet (in his face) and let him finish before talking, this i will bet. ✌️

  4. Frankly speaking now we can see Singapore is doing quite well than alot of countries our opposition has respect for laws and rules that's what they should learn even our opposition are well educated work together for the ppl this video shows who is the winner and wise one

  5. The Minister was fcking brilliant, but it is important that we don't demonize the interviewer, Even Lee Kuan Yew, understood the value of liberalism and western societies(particularly as it relates to technological advancements) as long as they are grounded in a moderately conservative social outlook, they have the tools to retain their top spot, the challenge in Singapore is always succession, how do you ensure that generation after generation they will get the people with the same level of hypercompetence ( which presently and previously in time included their capacity to have pragmatic view of their own shortcomings). if Singapore can maintain that then she will remain at the top of her game as she has thus far.

  6. After one year of covid, the arrogance and sense of superiority from the British host is even more interesting to see. Look how discomfort and impolite he became when Tharman demonstrates that these freedom western coutries value so much could be problematic and that you can learn something from China.

  7. I’m a Singaporean and I truly respect Tharman. A lot of comments are trashing the interviewer. IMO, he is actually a big fan but plays the “devil’s advocate”. If you really listen to his questions , it easily puts Tharman at an adv, to fight against common ‘western rhetoric’. For eg , the question of being an authoritarian state is always asked eons ago… and Sg leaders (heck, common ppl) are able to articulate an answer well enough. 🙂 trust me, Tharman is well trained – but I think the Interviewer did enable him to look good too. 👍🏻

  8. Sackur is an arrogant man …thinks highly of himself always making attempts to discredit Singapore's authoritative blend of democracy….needs more humility….

  9. His interview was more powerful than the current prime minister's speeches.
    One of his very important messages is: Political system can't be improved will decline. One must be humble enough to keep improving. The second is personal responsibility…. The interviewer is on the opposite…

  10. The British reporter still thinks he is part of “British empire” and he can keep interrupting Mr Rajrathanam. Why can’t he look directly to Mr Rajrathnam? Does he think the brown man is beneath him?

  11. what complete piece of dogshit of a mediator!!! And to think hes w the BBC??? wat a fuckwit. let him speak… hes obviously smarter than your entire bloodline will ever be. and yes.. hes one of the brightest leaders we have.

  12. Mr: Shanmugaratnam is so profound and humble while so proud at the same time. Lots of respect for this guy. Can't say the same for the interrupting and shallow brtish host.

  13. sackur wasn't even listening to the man at all. sackur was just filtering gotcha moments and for anwers that he likes. what was the point of having a conversation? Just let the audience ask the man himself questions because their questions were far more insightful than sackur's

  14. Visited Singapore few years ago, very impressed. now listening to Mr Shanmugaratnam, all make sense. can't agree more.

  15. 14:00 Mr Sackur was accusing China of being politically dysfunctional… it is truly AMUSING to watch this six years after, isn't it? Apparently, Mr Sackur was shockingly close minded and had no visions at all. It just reminded me of Qing Dynasty officials from nearly two hundred years ago Mr Sackur's ancestors used to deal with. History is never lack of irony.

  16. I have visited Singapore and I can tell you they are proud to be Singaporean first, then comes all other classes and religions.

  17. Singapore has lots of leaders with very intelligent mind, No wonder Singapore is successful! Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong, Kishore Mahbubani and Tharman Shanmugaratnam, I have listened to their talk shows and interview, they all have great vision as leader.

  18. It's called Symposium for a reason if you know what does that mean…but no, sadlly people only want to hear what they want …

  19. Sackur is rude, unprofessional, arrogant, disrespectful…. from the bottom of his butt he is looking down on other society other than his own nation… typical western POV

  20. I've always said distribution of immigrants per a Singapore model is the way to prevent ghettos like there are in Europe, etc. This is proven to work and was a consequence of the race riots in the late 60s that happened in Malaysia and Singapore. p.s. couldn't happen in a large country, because a bunch of libtards will start yelling racism, etc.

  21. Isn’t BBC authoritarian by forcing others to accept “Great Britain” values?!
    So English colonists accuse Singaporean gov being authoritarian coz their community policy? Sure, always better to be an abuser, so no need to justify your ill conducts.

  22. BBC guy is very condescending. BBC may say well say the western way is the right way, everyone else is wrong. Period, no conversation is required.

  23. Disgusting and rude, totally childish way of interrupting him whenever you don't like to hear what he is saying. It makes you look pathetic only.

  24. Shame that a highly intelligent minister want to to talk to a rubbish racist rude all form no substances white " journo"

  25. The interviewer should shut the fuck up and listen. He does not need to make himself look intelligent. The west and their stupid over inflated form of liberty and rights that trample over the rights of others.

  26. Shameful for democratic countries media and politician to attack another democratic government when this country just don't share the same values or support to another country. Shame on you, FAKE DEMOCRACY. Don't make democracy like a religion. Shit western democracy.

  27. UK is light years after US in terms of political system and social security. Once "Great" Britain has caught up (if they ever will, that is to say), then they can start to judge their more developed asian counterparties.

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