ALONE in NEW First Class Suites on Singapore Airlines A380

I was the only passenger on-board Singapore Airlines NEW A380 from Singapore to Beijing in First Class Suites. My dining room was 1A & 2A, my bedroom was 1F & 2F. 🙂 The cabin crew was so nice, very caring and attentive. Thank you so much Singapore Airlines for the great flight.

[4K] TRIP REPORT / Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 (9V-SKV) Flight Review : SQ802 Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) to Beijing Capital Airport(PEK) First Class Suite Flight Experience.
싱가포르항공의 새로운 A380 퍼스트 클래스 스위트를 통째로 전세 내고 왔습니다. 이날 스위트 클래스에 탑승한 유일한 승객이었네요. 식사는 1A & 2A 좌석에서, 침실로는 더블 침대를 만들어서 1F & 2F에서 잠을 잤습니다. 정말 잊을 수 없는 비행 경험이 되었습니다.

싱가포르항공 일등석 스위트 탑승기 : 싱가포르 창이공항 ~ 베이징 서우두공항 SQ802편 에어버스 A380 퍼스트 클래스 스위트 탑승 후기
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  1. Follow me on Instagram! 🙂

  2. when a teddy bear has a better flight than me -_-

  3. just came across your channel, really like you videos, but whats standing out for me is that you blurr the other passenders faces, very considerate!

  4. 2:27: "You can actually play games and stuff" Hmm…that is pretty interesting idea indeed…

  5. 기내 메뉴판 달라고 하면 주시나요~? 항상 궁금했는데 그냥 놓고 내렸어요

  6. imagine being this rich 😔

  7. No first class if the plane is going to crash🤣🤣

  8. I love your trip report in flight ✈️ .. awesome 👏

  9. Very lovely crew. Good sense of humor. The inflight as always is brilliant. I can see the effort put in to make this a good journey. Good work should be appreciated.

  10. Very bumpy take off and landing for such a heavy aircraft. I really appreciated your genuine effort while protecting the bears during take off.
    Please, tell us how much you paid for it, whether you used some miles program etc.
    To serve some 6 fortunate first class pax SIA must have 3 FAs in the cabin. This time around there was no need for it. I wonder if SIA (knowing in advance there will be just one First Class customer) boards more than 1 FA to serve the First Class.

  11. meanwhile in economy:
    attn-beef or chicken?
    attn-sorry we only have chicken
    me-why tf did u ask then
    attn-sorry but we r required to ask to be iso compliant

  12. interesting they don t upg some business to first ?

  13. The lobster thermidor was my choice! It was delicious

  14. Wooow am very poor man
    But …..i dont care for this life style i have good health and very beautiful ❣️❣️❣️ family
    And good job 👍
    Money not everything in the life

  15. Wow, you lived like a king. If ever I get a chance it's first class Singapore Airlines for me

  16. The Singapore airlines staff is amazing

  17. One of this days maybe you could fly the same airlines to the Philippines! There's some nice hotels in Makati City. When you plan to go there maybe you could have grub to pickup u up from the airport to your hotel. But i have heard that the grub drivers pickup passengers at a pickup area as the passengers exit the airport not at the lower level of the Aquino international airport.

  18. 승무원이 맨발이네?

  19. Wow! How much is the ticket? I have subscribed to you. Please subscribe back. Thank you!

  20. It is like mint luxurious villa, i wish i would travel on such plane

  21. Lucky you got to be alone in new suite. Always a plesant flight with SQ 🙏. Until we fly again

  22. Great video. It was really interesting to see the suite. You filmed it so nicely.

  23. Omg they were so cute and polite those people deserve a medal ❤️

  24. Dari segi teknologi kita kalah bersaing..tapi dari segi pelayanan Garuda airlines masih yg terbaik…

  25. bhaiya , please travel in indian airlines in this first class cabin. i want to see.

  26. This is the best first class I have ever seen in the world

  27. Jangsu is so handsome! 😍

  28. 중국베이징에서캐나다까지비행하는

  29. You are a class act; respected everyone from start to finish and blurred the faces of the passengers. Great video.

  30. 대리만족 하고 갑니다 여러번 봤어요

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