4 Minutes of Shallon Lester Being a Bully

Hello BoneBags!
This is just a montage I created of all the Shallon Lester clips I could find, ones that won’t be used in my rant video that I’m working on (coming soon) because I thought it was really important to get these clips out there. There are many clips here of Shallon bullying, being homophobic, racist, blatantly lying, and making baseless accusations. Not all the clips of shallon are here. There are many more. There are clips here that I have not seen in other videos so I thought it was extremely important to keep them, even if I don’t use them for my next video.
I am not very skilled at editing yet so please go easy on me in the comments Also, quote at the end is by Donny Miller

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I hope you enjoy!

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