(4/5) TaeYeon & Tiffany (SNSD) – Lost In Love (Jan 18, 2013)

# Part 4 of 5
# TaeYeon & Tiffany (SNSD) – Lost In Love

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  1. Taeyeon and Tiffany's voices truly, flawless…

  2. Taeyeon and Tiffany's voices truly, flawless…

  3. Love TaeNy..Love GG.. ♥♥♥

  4. Taeng's voice is amazing, but tiff's voice is can make you feel her emotion .
    i ship this 2.

  5. Omg… Love youuuuuu snsd 3 3 3

  6. Tiffany is on the left and TaeYeon is on the right, wonderful girls, wonderful voices, celestial faces, very polite , just the kind of person who I would like as a friend 😉

  7. Taeyeon looks so tired ç-ç

  8. im sorry but can someone tell me which one is TaeYeon and tiffany

  9. TIFFANY AND TAEYEON !!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  10. i love them both , but when taeyeon sings this, her emotions are just kdjgngfdjgjdf she makes me believe the song

  11. Tiffany should make a solo album!!!!

  12. Tiffany has Amazing voice!

  13. 엔딩부분 티파니 추임새 때문에 말이있기는 한데….사실 그 추임새가 엔딩을 더욱 살렸음…

  14. yahoo. tiffany first angel for me taeyeon second. find video snsd tiffany rolling in the deep tiffany I LOVE YOU

  15. Zk ck nó giọng hay dã man

  16. anyone notice after watching kpop videos for a while, alot of the ads or commercials on youtube are becoming korean…lol

  17. taeyeon can't control her facial expression…haha…I love it.

  18. Taeyeon sing it so well, if she sing it by herself, i'm sure it will be more perfect~~ Taeyeon awesome! ♥

  19. TaeTae and Tippani = Perfection ^^

  20. SM , should make a duet album for taeyeon and tiffany , they're soo prefect , that i cannot even put it into words.

  21. Taeyeon is always the best vocal in my heart. ♥♥♥

  22. Taeyeon is flawless as usual but I think fany needs some love too..fany jjang!!

  23. Both of them sing very well.Urghh I love them both

  24. in my opinion…only fanny can duet with taeyeon @@
    others will be showing a real gap
    i hear this over and over and still its makes me get the goosebump 🙁

  25. apparently they performed the same song a week before this performance…lol…both posted on youtube

  26. ㅎㅎ노래좋네 난1호팬한테 이노래 불러줄까…

  27. Ughhh why are the backup singers so flat!! 🙁

  28. …..favourite snsd song ;-; taeyeon's voice though. amg.

  29. wow it is bure aaaah i love this

  30. monmon can you re-upload Taeny Lost in Love when MBC Romantic Fantasy, but you must blur the TV name..

  31. who cares if the "woo" doesn't fit, it's in the studio version too. ANYWAY, BOTH FANY AND TAETAE IMPROVED IMMENSELY AND IT CERTAINLY SHOWS :3 it's a DUET and i'm glad my two favorite members had the opportunity to sing it together. i love snsd so much lol T.T <3

  32. Lol a bunch of babbies. Its just a whoo who cares its at the end of the song when they arent even singing get over it

  33. I really love the scene at 3:45 to 3:47..

  34. Tiffany is da best ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  35. I'll say I found it quite annoying when this song is a sad and she still says "WOO" She has said a few times in their tracks IGAB, RUN DEVIL RUN, THE BOYS etc. Definitely well hopefully she refrains herself the next time they sing a duet 🙂 Still gotta love her tho.


  37. I know what you mean… honestly, I wish she didn't do that in the studio version either, because every time I listen to it and hear that… I'm just like: *sigh* :/
    But it's kind of like a trademark for her or something, lol. This is not the only song where she throws in her cheery "WOO!", but she should've refrained from doing it this time…

  38. I agree esp when they pour all their emotions out in this song and just before the bridge Tiff says Woo I was like why did she do that it didn't fit the mood.

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