2012 – Top k-drama 2011 Part 2 HD

2012 – New year and new korean drama, but we will still remember the best k-dramas from 2011 and sooner. (49days) Nam Gyu Ri – Jo Hyun Jae, Bae Soo Bin …

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  1. City Hunter is my shit !!! and Lee Min Ho , ♥♥♥

  2. Lee min ho. Kim hyung joong. Kim bum. Lee Donghae. The favorites.. Especially Minoz love ya

  3. 49 days was so intense… tearjerker alert! lol

  4. Star (You're My Star) by Kang Min Hyuk. 🙂

  5. wew ang sarap pakinggan ang ma koreano no!!!!

  6. can u tell me the name of the first song plzz?

  7. Dream High,Heartstring & Shining Inheritance are just BEST(!)

  8. I'm someone who gets embarrassed by just watching someone make a mistake so watching Boys Over Flowers was quite hard for me! ♡

  9. Agree!! Queen In Hyun man is the best kiss drama so far..and the lead girl is very pretty :)..plus the story is worth your time to watch..highly recommend for the people who doesnt watch it yet!!!!

  10. I won't make a video for top 2012 top k-dramas though I feel it's a little bite late. But please for 2013 update me whit good and intresting k-dramas 🙂

  11. For the 2012 top kdramas I definitely recommend Queen In Hyun's Man and The Innocent Man. Every episode is worth watching.

  12. Fashion King & Dream High 2 were good to me

  13. "Star" by kang min hyuk… That's the name of the first song

  14. why sad, it's good 🙂 did you like them? Soon I'll make one for 2012, then I'll see if you have seen those I've seen 🙂

  15. i have seen all the dramas you've mentioned~~ 🙁

  16. Nice Guy, Arang & The Magistrate, Queen Inhyun's Man, King2Hearts, History of Salary Man, My Daughter SeoYoung…..these 6 dramas in 2012 are very very watchable

  17. You can find it as well as almost any korean/japanese dramas on viki

  18. Boys Over Flowers is so good!!!

  19. WOW! some of them i've watched, but the others look really good am gonna watch all of them ^_^

  20. i like them both :DD saranghae

  21. you surely know good movies….

  22. You should do your top 2012 K-dramas

    I recommend: Queen In Hyun's Man, Bridal mask, A Gentleman's Dignity, Rooftop Prince, Arang and the Magistrate, Oohlala Couple, 49 Days, I Do I Do and King 2 Hearts 😛

  23. what's the name of 2 PM song

  24. hmmmm….thinking of what drama to watch since am done watching "to the beautiful you" & "faith" is almost finish too….anyone, can you please recommend a good 2012 drama ~
    thank you~

  25. No way…boys over flower is the best..just watched it on crunchyrlool on my ipad…ahaha

  26. Queen Inhyun's man is the best drama ever.

  27. who sings the first two song. and what is the title?

  28. it is awesome i really like it. IT IS really good if you saw youre beautiful and wanted the guy in heartstrings to eng up with her

  29. You're obviously a 2pm fan! lol

  30. Boys over flowers was in 2009, the same year of you're beautiful and not in 2011

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