11 DadBods That Are Too Hot To Handle

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  1. Stick to being a content aggregator, BuzzFeed. Your original material is pretty sucky.

  2. Dad bods are a thing? For real?!

  3. Ok but Chris pratts old dad bod wouldn't stop me, I will not lie I still found him attractive. Who's with me??

  4. Why are they only white people? Awkward dad bods can be found in all races. So racist!

  5. what an interesting video?? 😂

  6. Why did I click on this

  7. Male objectification and an out-of-shape shaming with a side of sneakdiss.
    Those words of yours must be delicious, because you just ate them right up.

  8. 0:23 wtf is Gwyneth Paltrow doing here.

  9. 0:44 the breakfast in bed dad… doesn't that look like one of the buzzfeed employees??

  10. I don't think you know the meaning of dad-bod

  11. all these comments are not very #bodyposi !!!

  12. 0:42 Benjamin Franklin? Is that you?

  13. Does Buzzfeed not know who David Suzuki is or do they always call him king of the jungle?

  14. Hate hair which grow except on head and eyebrows

  15. Non of these are even dad bods…

  16. "Stop sexualising and objectifying women!"
    "But look at these hot male bodies!"

  17. Embrace the #dadbods  – where you may or may not be pregnant with a food baby

  18. these are not hot. theyre disgusting. being overweight is NOT sexy. its a health hazard and just plain unhealthy. this is coming from an ex-overweight person.

  19. who tf thinks dad bods are attractive

  20. No! No you are not right! Eww ;-;

  21. That Howlin For You wannabe though

  22. You forgot david beckham

  23. This makes my dick soft. I need to see naturals like Rich Piana now to harden it.

  24. I have only one thought…Ew

  25. i thought it said dadboobs instead of dadbods first…

  26. Friendly reminder that Jensen ackles is a dad

  27. Did Anyone RealizeThat The Guy At 0:48 Does Videos For BuzzFeed? Probably Not Because All Of You Are Arguing Over This Dad Bod Thing. It's Just A Video And A Trend Relax Yourselves. Soon People Are Gonna Forget About This And Find Something Else Moronic To Talk About.

  28. Girls make up your fcking mind… stop the bullshit, no girl will ever say "the guy whose body looks like mashed potatoes, looks better than the dude who has a body of greek god."

  29. So Buzzfeed agrees that dadbods are lazy and gross

  30. I think they are being sarcastic but this trend can't trend.

  31. They're all white dudes 😂😂😂😂

  32. I'm assuming BuzzFeedYellow or whoever raided /r/oldSchoolCool for these.

  33. that guy at 0:33 is delicious

  34. i'm seriously a bit scared of dadbods

  35. Why so much hate fort he dad bod?

  36. I thought it said dad boobs 😳😁

  37. WHY IS THIS SHIT TRENDING!!??! This is just pathetic and a disgrace to males

  38. So instead of calling someone a fat ass were just saying they have a dadbod now? Fucking humans are pathetic

  39. DadBod is an awful awful trend

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