28 thoughts on “🕹️ Well Here It Is: Atari VCS Unboxing, Gameplay Tips and Thoughts 🕹️

  1. Aaargh! I just finished the Unsung Warriors demo…. I can't wait until that game is available to buy on the store.

  2. Awesome Atari is back I can't wait to buy Atari VCS when it comes to Athens Greece

  3. It actually looks to be a great machine ! Wasnt ever that close with Atari, but I like the fact its still alive (sort of).
    I saw the gameplay of Scavenger game, I guess I should go take a look soon !

  4. Thank You for the fantastic review Rob. I don't think I'll ever afford it or want to purchase it unless as you mentioned they bring it down in price. LOVE the design of the console & the controllers. They look even cooler in your video than the photos I've seen. So with you on the spinner for Tempest! Same guys for games like Breakout or Arkanoid.

    It does just seem like an oddball product in who are the customers who are going to buy this at this price point? It's great for people as far as nostalgia, but I can't see millennials or younger who didn't grow up with the Atari flocking to it. Plus, as you pointed out so far the game selection seems way underwhelming.

    Thanks Again for the unboxing & review!!! If nothing else it's a cool looking retro modern looking Ryzen desktop machine.

  5. The Atari VCS has impressed me from your presentation. I especially applaud the near to "Ikari Warriors" style joystick which is long overdue for a home consoler, and Atari has had other channels display its emulation abilities with a great emulation of SF2 I viewed a month ago and was impressed by. Excellent video and I am grateful how you explained the qualities of the controllers etc. Hats off to you! Don't go Skynet on me! JK. Peace!

  6. I hade a secret hope Atari will bring back all Lynx and Jaguar games … won't they ? 🙁 I have a Lynx, a jaguar … so … i miss them ^^

  7. Very informative. Great job. I will wait to see if Atari can actually do something productive with the system before I drop $400 but other than that, this system has peaked my interest.

  8. Price of the sub par hardware and well below par software is ridiculous, Atari ….or what's called Atari these days need to be careful. Its looking mighty Ouya like

  9. Danger Scavenger is cool. I've been playing all weekend. You need to try the Classic Controller with it. The spinner joystick combo works awesome.

  10. I'm glad that the VCS finally came out, and that it ended up being a better device than anticipated. I think Atari really shot themselves in the foot in terms of consumer confidence with how poorly they handled initial reveals and interviews before preorders went live, souring a lot of the gaming community on the device. The constant delays and reports that certain employees weren't getting paid didn't help. Nevertheless it's good to see that it actually turned out to be a decent device, for the sake of the people who preordered it.

    I think it's out of my price range for the time being, even if they knocked $50 off, and the last few crowd-funded projects I participated in really soured my experience as a whole, so I'm glad I didn't preorder. If I see it at retail for a decent price in the future, and perhaps if they bundle in a controller, maybe I'll have a look at it then. That's in the far flung future though.

  11. Ok, great review… but I think this device is not for me. Those are my complaints:
    Overpriced for a computer (tons of cheaper Chinese mini PC are more powerful than this one), not enough games. And as a TV BOX, not enough apps and versatility.
    For me, this is a niche market product for wealthy gamers born before 1980, and there is nothing wrong with that. Except I am too young. Atari is not a brand that is appealing to me. And I do not see people born after 1985 being thrilled by it. So, as pleasant as it might be to a veteran gamer, it is going to be a big pass for me.
    But thanks to your review, I was able to understand the real reasons why this product isn't for me. Great job! Thank you!!

  12. Interesting recap. Thanks for showing Danger Scavanger on this and smelling on it. I'm curious where PWAs are going, a browser could be enough to make something look like an app that's installed. The store looks similar to other menues on TV devices to me, the dashboard is different and I like it's idea in general. Would be cool if you could choose between multiple different dashboard layouts like circles or rectangles of different sizes as a cluster / creating your own dashboard. The meue could use more customized color themes than just grey. I'm not sure but I think games that are on Stream should be sold like Danger Scavanger there. The Steam client already owns most of PC gaming. Maybe Valve could release their less demanding games on the VCS store, that would be cool.

  13. Fair review. I shared it on Twitter for you. Everyone just keep in mind that it is pre-retail at this point and a lot will push out over the next few months! For the first new Atari system in decades- I think they did great! Looking forward to what it delivers in the future. 🙂

  14. Yes i know that atari is listening to feedback of everyone's difference opinions what they like or dislike about it i respect everyone's opinions i just want to share my opinion i know that alot of people thought it was a scam only some people think it was not a scam at all in there opinion well for me i have always knew it was not a scam at all to me i knew the atari vcs was real and i don't mind it not having enough storage because i don't care about power specs at all to be honest i'm ok with that i also don't mind the $400 price at all that price is not bad to me i really love that price as long it's not above that i know that it only have a little bit of games at the moment i also don't mind it having a little bit of games at the moment because i know that things take time i'm a very patient person i know that they will add more games to the atari vcs have faith about that because i know that at first all video game systems don't have alot of games at first until later on i think good things happen when we are patient so i have no problems with the atari vcs at all and the store looks good to me too but i don't agree when you said the UI box look is barebones because the UI is not barebones to me i don't want them to get rid of the box because i really like it i think it looks really great to me so i want them to keep the box look it's my favorite so far i'm happy that it looks like 90s that's just my honest opinion about the atari vcs that's just me.

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