🍔 Trying OMAKASE BURGERS in Singapore!

Going to a sushi shop in Japan and asking for omakase (to leave the order to the chef) is a sophisticated way to order sushi. But you can normally only order “omakase” in sushi shops. But in Singapore, there is a burger place which takes omakase orders. Sounds cool right? Join me LIVE as I devour into hamburgers the omakase style! Owner is my viewer, GK. Thank you for the invite!

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  1. 全部で3000キロカロリーくらいありそう

  2. すごいボリューム(゜ロ゜)

  3. The location is Orchard Central.

  4. impossible meat is not healthy. It is GMO food. I am a vegetarian and i banned impossible and beyond meat. It is also highly processed.

  5. Looks yummy
    But Ex

  6. The mall u had Omakase Burger is known as Orchard Central.

  7. Someone should've been more knowledgeable about Japanese vocabulary
    Kitchen set up is strange. The hygiene is of some issue.!!!!

  8. If I eat burger, I would like these coz of the vegetables and condiments. I would skip the fries or share them with friends. Thanks to your video I would know what to order. 😋 Coz a few times I wanted to eat there but didn’t as it’s not cheap and afraid that it would disappoint.

  9. Omakase Burger has the best Impossible burger evaaaaaaar!! Tried others, but no other can beat Omakase so far 😋

  10. LoL! “Ala carte” is NOT pronounced as “a-la car-te” . The review is definitely not spontaneous, so no excuse of not knowing the exact location of the restaurant lah~
    At least, this is something different.

  11. Next time the first thing you should mention is the location.

  12. The food must be delicious, but personally, I think the presentation of the dishes need a bit of improvement, somehow it doesn’t look appealing, just my take, thanks.

  13. 日中外出してて観れなかったけど、、、😭

  14. hmmm actually there're better burger in sg….omakase is just average, and the "omakase" name is just a branding.

  15. Omakase & Shake Shack are my 2 favourite places for Burgers.. I always get double patties

  16. Ahh.. Missed yr live stream. Was playing mlbb🙁

  17. リアルで参加できませんでしたが、マクドナルド寄ってから観させていただきました😊

  18. cheese(which is from milk) is the most fat forming food…

  19. Glad u enjoying your meal, the local burger scene is actually quite vibrant

  20. Haiyaaaa!! I missed your live stream again!!

  21. The staff t shirt looks very nice.

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